Highfield Ocean Master

The Ocean Master range is engineered to last, the most capable and seaworthy RIB’s for their size on the market.

Highfield Ocean Masters 420 and 460 designs offer fitting options that create either a fabulous family cruising RIB, a luxury tender or a hard working support vessel. Whatever layout you choose, you can be assured that your Ocean Master is built to last. The Ocean Master range is designed with tough conditions in mind. Internal under-deck fuel tanks, non-slip deck, self-draining deck and a 20º dead rise let you take on even the toughest conditions confidently.

With the impermeable qualities of our aluminium hulls there’s no need to worry about gelcoat chips, or putting the boat on a beach or a trailer. Your Highfield Ocean Master won’t delaminate over time, retaining its agile performance and weighing the same in 10 years time as the day you towed it away from the showroom.

All Ocean Master RIBs are easy to trail, easy to launch and recover and due to their light weight and integrated davit lifting eyes.


Highfield Reef

Typically Highfield, the Reef series boats are just the toughest boats of these weights on the market. They offer a safe deep deck and a lot of room at a very attractive price.

The Reef boats are a range of well balanced and very responsive crafts, designed for load carrying and that will bring you a lot of fun on the water.

Take them to the rough, thanks to their 20º dead rise the Reef Series boats will handle impeccably and quickly instill a high degree of confidence.

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